All Ages Comics ^^ 7/9/08

Publishers seem to have taken the holiday off with the rest of us for this week.  It’s another small week for the kids, but there are still interesting titles coming out.  Capstone decided to remind us why we have the 4th of July off with a full selection of graphic novels about American Revolution.  Harper Collins has another graphic novel of a teen novel series, Bad Kitty.  I seriously considered ordering this one…  And if you missed the beginning of the series, the first 6 issues of Doctor Who Classics is now available as a trade.  Kids and parents alike should check out this great sci-fi series!

Archie & Friends #121, $2.25
Archie Double Digest #190, $3.69
Sonic The Hedgehog #190, $2.25

Graphic Library GN Boston Tea Party, $7.95  ^^ AA Pick^^
Graphic Library GN Creation Of US Constitution, $7.95
Graphic Library GN Paul Reveres Ride, $7.95
Graphic Library GN Star Spangled Banner, $7.95
Graphic Library GN Story Of The Statue Of Liberty, $7.95
Graphic Library GN Winter At Valley Forge, $7.95

Bone Color Edition Vol 08 Treasure Hunters HC , $19.99
Bone Color Edition Vol 08 Treasure Hunters SC , $9.99

Batman Strikes #47, $2.25
Legion Of Super Heroes In The 31st Century #16, $2.25

Bad Kitty GN Vol 01 Catnipped, $9.99
Magic Trixie GN Vol 01, $7.99  ^^AA Pick^^

Doctor Who Classics TP Vol 01, $19.99

Marvel Adventures Hulk #13, $2.99

Magic Trixie Vol 1 – From the creator of Scary Godmother, Jill Thompson, comes a new series about scary things made cute.  Trixie is a young witch that lives with her mother, father, baby sister, and grandma and grandpa.  She has lots of monster friends, and likes to try to practice magic and get into trouble.  Follow her adventures as she complains about not being able to do anything fun, her little sister gets away with everything, and come up with a plan to come up with a trick to impress her friends.  The series looks very cute and fun, and the art is great.  This is definitely a series for both boys and girls.

Graphic Library: Boston Tea Party – In an attempt to make history more interesting, Capstone has illustrated some of American’s greatest moments leading to her independence.  The first of these events was the Boston Tea Party, where colonists dressed up as Indians and tossed boxes of tea into Boston Harbor to protest the higher taxes England was imposing on them.  This title can entertain as well as educate kids, and give them a better understanding of their country’s origins.  Parents and teachers should note, that these books can also be used to get reading credit as the website gives the reading levels they match as well as AR test number.

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