A return

What better place to make my return to blogging about kids comics than San Diego Comic-Con.

My name’s Scott Robins and I used to manage a blog called All Ages, which I learned recently was the inspiration for this blog. I was delighted when Brigid invited me to join the Good Comics For Kids team.

Over the course of the next couple of days, I’ll be posting photos, covering panels and making observations about the kids comics scene at Comic-Con. This is my first Comic-Con in two years, I used to be a regular attendee just on my own as a fan and then when I was working with Scholastic.

Last night was Preview Night, a special evening sneak preview of the show and immediately the first thing I noticed was the increased number of children at this event. In the past, Preview Night has been mainly for industry people to visit booths before the huge crowds. It will be interesting to see if this will be true for the entire show. More fun stuff to come as I venture off for Day one of Comic-con!

5 Responses to “A return”

  1. [...] Scott Robins, who used to write the All-Ages blog, is covering Comic-Con for Good Comics for Kids. Welcome back, Scott. [...]

  2. Make sure you check out Clockwork Girl while you’re there!

    The all-ages graphic novel debuts at the con!


    -not Kevin Hanna (or maybe Kevin Hanna)

  3. Hey Scott-
    Welcome Back! You’ve been missed! I look forward to future columns.

  4. three cheers for Scott! Good to see you in San Diego!

  5. Hi Scott,

    I used to talk with you on CBR as Cayman. Wondered what you’ve been up to. Congrats on the blog.

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