All Ages Comics ^^ 7/23/08

Late again, I know.  But, I’ve just spent the 3 days preparing and attending the San Diego Comic Con.  This has become a con that you really have to prepare for.  You can’t just walk in and expect to see the things you want to see.  There are just too many people!  Even though I concentrated on manga, Viz is really putting their money where their mouth is, with several new titles for their VizKids line.  In the present though, there are plenty of new titles for kids to check out now!  Antarctic Press has two titles for tweens-teens, with a new telling of the Oz books, and a new graphic novel with a coming of age theme.  Blue Water Productions brings back a classic as well, with the return of H.G. Well’s Mysterious Isle.  Captain Nemo is back with his monsters to terrorize the world of today.  The Ray Harryhausen line of comics have been filled with great adventure for kids and adults who remember the movies.  Check them all out!

N-Guard #1, $3.50  ^^AA Pick^^

Archie #587, $2.25
Betty & Veronica Digest #186, $2.49
Betty & Veronica Spectacular #84, $2.25
Jugheads Double Digest #142, $3.69
Sonic X #35, $2.25

Land Of Oz Manga #1 (of 8)(Regular Cover), $2.99
Land Of Oz Manga #1 (of 8)(Wrap Cover), $2.99
Rod Espinosa Prince Of Heroes TP Chapter 01, $9.95

Ray Harryhausen Presents Back Mysterious Isle #1, $3.99

Futurama Comics #38, $2.99
Simpsons Classics #17, $3.99

Lucky Luke TP Vol 11 Western Circus, $11.95

Scooby Doo #134, $2.25
Super Friends #5, $2.25

Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #38, $2.99
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four Vol 09 New Yorks Finest Digest, $7.99
Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #1, $2.99
Mini Marvels TP Vol 01 Rock Paper Scissors Digest, $9.99

Korgi GN Vol 02 Cosmic Collector, $10.00  ^^AA Pick^^
Yam TP, $10.00

N-Guard #1 – If you combined animals with power rangers and an environmental theme, you get N-Guard.  Five friends on a field trip to the Stones of Nature get pulled into the battle between Willow, the Mother of Nature and the SpiderSect Empire.  They are give the Amulets of Nature and bestowed amazing powers to transform into the N-Guard.  This action/adventure title has every thing a Tween would like.  The art has an anime/animated look to it, and appears well done.

Korgi GN Vol 2 Cosmic Collector – Continuing the adventures in Korgi Hollow, a mysterious hunter has trapped and clipped the wings off of several mollies, while Ivy and Korgi search for answer in the surrounding wood.  But they could be facing something out of this world!  Illustrated and written by Christian Slade, a former Disney animator, Korgi is a true all-ages fantasy title in the vein of J.R.R. Tolkein’s The Hobbit, and Jeff Smith’s Bone.  This is a series that parents can not only feel good about their kids reading, but reading themselves.

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  1. I’m sure it’s just a slip of the pen, but “Mysterious Island” is a book by Jules Verne.

    (I am curious, too, as to how it could involve Nemo terrorizing anybody with monsters, but I suppose that is the adaptor’s problem.)

  2. Yeah, that’s what I meant….Yeah, yeah…. Thanks for the catch.

    I’ve enjoyed “Wrath of the Titans” and “Jason and the Argonauts”. I have high hopes for this book as well.

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