All Ages Comics List ^^ 7/30/08

It’s seriously sparse this week for the kids, and it’s almost balanced between floppies and graphic novels/trades.  With comic book properties being mined for everything they’ve got, getting archives and trades of older series’ is a great way to introduce younger audiences to the origins of those characters.  It’s very economical too, considering even if you could find the floppies, you’re going be charged big for them.


Dream Maiden Megan GN, $8.95  ^^AA Pick^^

Archie Digest #246, $2.49
Jughead #190, $2.25
Sonic The Hedgehog Archives TP Vol 08, $7.95

Cartoon Network Block Party #47, $2.25

Essential Fantastic Four TP Vol 7, $16.99  ^^AA Pick^^

Tales From The Crypt #7, $3.95


Dream Maiden Megan GN – This is a new title from the creators of Emily and the Intergalactic Lemonade Stand, Ian and Tyson Smith have created a new all ages graphic novel with a touch of anime and a lot of fun.  Jef is your typical nerdy loser, until one night he catches Megan, the maiden that gives people dreams, and she becomes “tethered” to him until he goes to sleep and has the dream she meant for him to have.  Jef getting walked all over, a closet monster to keep him at bay, and Megan being the total stuck up, party girl, this title has the makings of some great comedy that both kids and parents can enjoy.

Essential Fantastic Four Vol 7 – Collected in this book are over 20 issues of the original Fantastic Four comic, featuring lots of the excitement and adventure.  Many classic villains are represented in this volume such as Doctor Doom, Namor, the Sub Mariner and Silver Surfer.  The Fantastic for must not only save the earth but keep time itself from ending!  These classic stories have all the action a kid would want, with parents having to worry about excessive blood or violence.  It can also be a history lesson, letting kids today see what were the accepted social norms of the late sixties/early seventies.

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