All Ages Comics ^^ 8/6/08

It’s a manga week for All Ages titles.  Viz has got 4 titles as they continue their push to get the young ones hooked.  Sugar Princess is debuting this week, and while it is definitely meant for the girls, manga has the flexibility to appeal to both genders.  And if any boys feel self-conscious about getting it, they can always grab Eyeshield 21 and say the other is for their sister! There are a few floppies as well though.  IDW has their growing kids books out, and Marvel has another edition of the Calvin & Hobbs take on the FF with Franklin Richards Summer Smackdown.  Check ‘em out!


Betty #175, $2.25
Betty & Veronica Double Digest #163, $3.69

Looney Tunes #165, $2.25

Doctor Who Classics #9 (Dave Gibbons Retro Art/Charlie Kirchoff covers), $3.99
Dreamland Chronicles IDW #2 (Scott Christian Sava/Mike Kunkel covers), $3.99
Igor Movie Prequel #4, $3.99

Franklin Richards Summer Smackdown, $3.99
Marvel Illustrated Three Musketeers #3 (of 6), $3.99
Marvel Two-In-One #14, $4.99

Dragon Drive TP Vol 09, $7.99  ^^AA Pick^^
Eyeshield 21 TP Vol 21, $7.99
Pokemon Ranger & The Temple Of The Sea, $7.99  ^^AA Pick^^
Sugar Princess Skating To Win GN Vol 01, $8.99


Dragon Drive Volume 9 – Renji has always been a bit of a loser with no direction in his life, until his childhood friend Maiko introduces him to a new game all the kids are playing; Dragon Drive.  It’s a virtual reality game where your partner is a dragon, created from your own personality.  Renji tries it, but instead of a big and powerful dragon like everyone else, he gets a small white dragon with tiny wings and is always sleeping.  But there may be more to Chibi than he seems.  In this volume, we meet Taro, a jaded player who is also a Raikoo Master, and a hacker hijacks the D.D. system and reshuffles Earth and Rikyu, making humans appear in Rikyu and dragons flying in Earth’s skies.  Takumi must find a programmer to fix it before the two worlds collide.  I started reading this title because it’s got dragons in it.  I gave it to my oldest daughter to read, and she became totally hooked.  Dragon Drive has all the elements that kids like; Dragons, video games, battles, and almost no romance.  The plot builds up slowly, but once it hits the ground, it’s running.  There have been few scenes my daughter had a problem with.  Just one with a dragon dying, otherwise, she endorses it for kids.

Pokemon Ranger & the Temple of the Sea – This is another manga adaptation of a Pokemon movie.  Ash and Pikachu learn of the legend of the Sea Temple, and join with a Pokemon Ranger, Jackie, to search for it.  But the nefarious Phantom, a pirate, wants to find the Temple first, and steal it’s treasure, the Sea Crown, and the mysterious power associated with it.  The movie wasn’t bad.  My kids watch it every time it runs on Cartoon Network.  And they enjoyed the last manga adaptation after seeing the movie.  I can’t imagine them not enjoying this one as well.  Pokemon continues to go strong, despite 4Kids announcement otherwise.  This is a can’t-miss series.

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