All Ages Manga List

Navigating the world of manga can be an over-whelming thing, especially if you’re a parent who’s just discovered it because your son/daughter has told you they want to read it.  Walk into a Barnes and Noble, or worse, a Borders, and you are greeted with rows and rows of titles covering just about every age group and genre.  But, you don’t want to go through every single title trying to find a book rated for All Ages or Everyone, the manga publisher’s equivelant to Hollywood’s Rated G.

You could go online and try and search the publisher’s websites, but most of them are unwieldy and make you click several pages in before finding an age rating for their titles.  Well, lucky for you, I’ve gone and done all that work for you!  My personal blog, Manga Xanadu, has a page dedicated to all the All Ages Manga available from all the manga publishers, with links to the title’s pages.  The page is up to date through July 2008, and I will continue updating it as new titles come out.  I chose only to include titles that are currently available.  Tokyopop and Viz have had other titles that are now out of print, but would require lots of searching to find, and I didn’t want to make this complicated.

Having said that, if you decide to check out the page, I would really like to hear about any suggestions you might have for improving it.  I want to make the page as helpful as possible to parents (and any other uninitiated looking for information).  Leave a comment here, or on this post on my blog.

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