All Ages Comics ^^ 8/27/08

Let’s hear it for the Boys! Even though so many comics seemed to be written with only boys in mind, they seem to slip off the reading radar.  My picks this week are titles that are not just written for boys, but for girls and all ages.  Lerner Publishing has another Greek myth tale with Odysseus that boys should like too.  Antarctic Press continues it’s version of Oz this week.  IDW has a few more HCs for the younger readers.  I just wish they would update their site more often.

Land Of Oz Manga #2 (of 4), $2.99

Betty & Veronica #237, $2.25
Betty & Veronica Digest #187, $2.49
Jugheads Double Digest #143, $3.69
Sabrina Vol 2 #96, $2.25
Sonic X #36, $2.25

Bart Simpson Comics #43, $2.99
Simpsons Comics Treasure Trove #1, $3.99

Cartoon Network Block Party #48, $2.25

Igor Movie Adaptation #2 (of 4), $3.99
Rumpus In The Night HC, $15.99
Williams Dinosaurs HC, $15.99

Graphic Universe Odysseus Escaping Poseidons Curse SC, $8.95

Marvel Adventures Avengers #27, $2.99
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #39, $2.99
Marvel Adventures Iron Man TP Vol 03 Digest, $7.99
Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #2, $2.99

Undersea Adventures Of Captain Eli GN Vol 01, $9.99  ^^AA Pick^^

Hardy Boys GN Vol 14, $7.95  ^^AA Pick^^


Undersea Adventures of Captain Eli Vol 1 – This is a new series from indie publisher Nemo Publishing.  It’s about a boy with special scientific abilities and a mysterious past.  With his companions Jolly Roger, a 200 year old parrot and Barney the faithful sea dog, he joins an underwater exploration team, the Seasearches.  In the first volume, he meets the mysterious Commander X while on a mission with the Seasearchers.  Commander X draws Eli into a series of adventures with clues about his origin and an important destiny to save the Earth.  This title has the look and feel of the original Johnny Quest series.  It’s a great series for boys, as Eli is both smart and into action and adventure.  That 200 year old parrot really sparks my interest…

Hardy Boys Vol 14 – Continuing the adventures of Joe and Frank Hardy, these graphic novels bring the Hardy Boys into the 21st century.  The art style has a manga feel to it, and is colored like animated cells, much like the Nancy Drew series that Papercutz also puts out.  The boys are a part of A.T.A.C. (American Teens Against Crime), and often get cases from them.  But the case in this volume doesn’t come from them.  Instead, their friend Haley Danielle has noticed that her friends from her MyFacePlace Top Eight have been disappearing.  She turns to the boys to find out what’s going on.  Making the boys relevent and using an animated style of art should make this series appealing to boys again.  And Hardy Boys is a title their parents will know and have grown up with, and shouldn’t have a problem with their boys reading.  It might even inspire some to seek out the original novels.

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