Linkfest: Back to school again

ICv2 talks to First Second publisher Mark Siegel about a variety of current and upcoming projects, including the Prince of Persia graphic novel. I’ll just link directly to part three of the interview, where he discusses kids’ titles, lesson plans, and First Second’s first manhwa (Korean comic), the coming-of-age tale The Color of Earth. And good news for Tiny Titans fans: They are reprinting it at a new, more legible size!

At the Wired blog, Geek Dad Brad Moon goes looking for comics for his kids and manages to find a few.

Peter Zuckerman of The Oregonian looks at The Comic Book Project, a joint venture of Dark Horse and Columbia University that brings comics into schools. (Last two links via Journalista.)

In case you missed it over vacation, the Scholastic blog has a new address. Adjust your bookmarks accordingly!

School Library Journal has a roundup of reviews of recent graphic novels.

Newsarama’s Zack Smith has a nice interview with Corey Barba, creator of Yam, although he misspells his subject’s name throughout.

Tangognat reviews Zot: The Complete Black and White Collection.

Not comics, but really funny and well worth the click: Wally and the Beav, Beverly Cleary’s forgotten stepchildren? (Via Fuse #8.)

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