All Ages Comics ^^ 9/4/08

Because comics are “not good tools for teaching reading”, there are not one but two Phonics Comics out this week.  Comics made for early and developing readers in three increasingly difficult levels.  N-Guard and Dreamland Chronicles could never engage kids enough to make them think while they are reading.  And heaven forbid the kids enjoy the stories they are reading like Pinky and Stinky and Pokemon.  But what do I know? I’m just a Mom with two daughters who started out reading comics and have developed a love for all books.

N-Guard #2, $3.50

Archie Digest #247, $2.49
Veronica #190, $2.25

Looney Tunes #166, $2.25

Dreamland Chronicles IDW #3 (Scott Christian Sava Cover A), $3.99
Dreamland Chronicles IDW #3 (Dean Yeagle Cover Cover B), $3.99

Phonics Comics Level 1 Sugar And Spice Best Friends Forever, $3.99
Phonics Comics Level 2 Hiro Dragon Warrior Battle Mt Kamado, $3.99

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man TP Vol 10 Crisis Digest, $7.99
Marvel Two-In-One #15, $4.99

Pinky & Stinky GN (New Printing), $15.00

Dopple Ganger Chronicles HC Vol 01 First Escape, $19.99  ^^AA Pick^^

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Adventure GN Vol 02, $7.99
Prince Of Tennis GN Vol 27, $7.95
Whistle TP Vol 20, $7.99  ^^AA Pick^^


Dopple Ganger Chronicles HC Vol 01 First Escape – This book is the first in a series that combines art and text to create what the publishers call illustra-novellas.  Pictures and text alternate with comics to tell the story.  Identical twins Sadie and Saskia Dopple and their friend former theif Erik Morrisey Ganger all live at Isambard Dunstan’s School for Wayward Children, an orphanage.  One day, Saskia is adopted by a mysterious, wealthy woman.  Alone in the mansion, now her home, Saskia learns of a conspiracy that puts her life in danger.  Meanwhile, Erik and Sadie escape the orphanage to try and find her.  I think this “illustra-novella” is an interesting concept.  The transition from text to comic to text is fairly smooth.  There is a 19 page preview of the first chapter that shows this.  This title will appeal to both boys and girls, and will hopefully help reach reluctant readers and show them that reading can be fun, and not just chore.

Whistle Vol 20 – A shonen sports manga, this title is about soccer.  Sho Kazamatsuri loves to play soccer.  His goal is to become the best soccer player he can possibly.  But, as in all shonen manga, this isn’t going to be easy.  He has gone through many obsticles to reach where he is now.   His team, the Tokyo Select has just won in Korea, and return to Japan to enter the Japan Toresen – the national youth championship.  Their first opponents are Kanto Select, who’s leader comes from Sho’s past.  Even though I’m not much of a sports fan, a lot of the sports manga has a good message of playing as a team and doing your best, over the sheer competition and drive to win.  It’s not that these titles don’t have that, they just don’t get over emphasized, and therefore making the sports enjoyable to watch.  And it’s another good title for boys, though girls will enjoy it too.  Check out the review of volume 1 from Sabrina Fritz at Comics Village.

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