All Ages Comics ^^ 9/10/08

There’s an interesting collection of books coming out this weeks for kids.  Little kids will like the Let’s Find Pokemon.  Tweens will like High School Musical the Graphic Novel, Disney’s newest franchise-in-the-making.  There’s also a new Warriors series, centering on Tigerstar of the Shadow Clan and Sasha.  Graphix, the GN division of Scholastic has a new fantasy series that’s worth checking out.  But avoid the Bratz Super Bratz at all costs.  Bratz with super powers is just wrong

Archie & Friends #123, $2.25
Betty & Veronica Double Digest #164, $3.69
Sonic The Hedgehog #192, $2.25

Nui GN Vol 01, $9.99      ^^AA Pick^^

Cartoon Network Action Pack #29, $2.25
Legion Of Super Heroes In The 31st Century #18, $2.25
Palette Of 12 Secret Colors TP Vol 04, $9.99
Super Friends #7, $2.25

High School Musical GN Vol 01 First Impressions, $9.99
Warriors Tigerstar & Sasha GN Vol 01 Into The Woods, $6.99  ^^AA Pick^^

Doctor Who Classics #10 (Regular Charlie Kirchoff Cover), $3.99
Igor Movie Adaptation #4 (of 4), $3.99

Marvel Adventures Hulk #15, $2.99
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #43, $2.99

Good Neighbors HC Vol 01 Kin, $16.99

Bratz Super Bratz GN, $6.99

Lets Find Pokemon Fire Red Leaf Green HC (resolicited), $11.99

Nui Volume 1 – Even though this isn’t really a new release, I wanted to bring it to people’s attention.  It’s about a girl named Kaya, who gets into trouble one days and is saved by her stuffed animals!  It seems, if you love a stuffed animal enough, it can come to life and turn into a person.  But, just like people, not all stuffed animals are nice, and some can be downright dangerous.  I think the idea of stuffed animals coming to life is a great one for kids.  Tweens are at the inbetween stage where they still love their plushies even if they aren’t playing with them like they used to.  I think this title would do well with them.  The creator of this title also created +Anima, a teen title that seems to do well for Tokyopop.

Warriors: Tigerstar & Sasha Volume 1 – Erin Hunter’s Warriors series is still going strong, both in novel and graphic novel form.  This title is a new series, centering on the characters Tigerstar and Sasha (obviously).  Sasha has been leading the perfect life; with the Twolegs during the day, and exploring the woods beyond at night.  But when she is forced to leave her home, she make a life for herself in the forest alone.  She becomes lonely, and after meeting Tigerstar and his Shadow Clan, she must decide if she should join them, and if she can trust Tigerstar.  These manga titles are great for fans, as they tell side stories from the novels, and not just a retelling the novels themselves.  I can highly recommend this series as I know my daughter would.

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  1. Love the site and I really like how you point out suitable comics for kids. But I did have a question. It looks like you only select/pick titles that are being distributed into the Direct Market by Diamond. Is this correct?

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Von! We try to focus on all types of comics for kids, including manga, floppies, kids’ graphic novels, and webcomics. Lori’s Previews picks are a regular feature, but we also do interviews, reviews, and news blogs about every kind of comic we can think of. Feel free to send in suggestions if you think we missed something!

  3. Well, I was primarily thinking of my own book, “Li’l Kids,” so hopefully that isn’t too bold! It isn’t being distributed through Diamond but the physical copy is “out there.”

    I know I’ve emailed the Gmail address you have listed above in the past, but I’m never sure if my emails actually got to you – or just got lost in the great “ether” of the internet. :)

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