Linkfest: Manga sisters, Blue Beetle, and more

Manga GirlOne of the most interesting things about the manga phenomenon is the way fans make it their own; even more than traditional comics, manga seems to inspire readers to go off and make their own books. Here’s a story about two adult sisters, Danielle and Nicole Pelham, who started off watching Sailor Moon and now publish their own manga, including As Told By, a kid-friendly retelling of fairy tales in manga style, via NDP Comics. (Image taken from NDP’s Deviantart site.)

This is a bit of an odd couple, but Wizard magazine named Bone #1 as the seventh best and third most valuable comic in Wizard history. (Yeah, check your back issues, because they claim issue 1 is going for $250.)

I’m eagerly awaiting Hope Larson’s Chiggers, which looks like a really nice book. Rob Clough has an interview with Larson that features a peek at the art as well at Sequart.

If you’re in the Boston area, check this out: Mail Order Ninja creator and Kids Love Comics member Josh Elder will be answering questions about comics at the Boston Public Library on April 22.

Blue Beetle coverNewsarama interviewed Matt Sturges about Blue Beetle, and he had some interesting thoughts:

One thing that’s really important to me is that I want Blue Beetle to continue to be a book that’s as fun for my twelve-year-old nephew as it is for me and my friends. I think you do that by being smart but not oblique, and clear but not condescending. Kids don’t want dumbed-down versions of grown-up comics; they want smart comics about things that matter to everybody, and without the adult content that would send them either to therapy or detention.

(Via Journalista; Blue Beetle cover art from DC Comics.)

Also at Newsarama: Mother-daughters collaboration Tracy, Sarah, and Shelby Edmunds review Flight Explorer.

Johanna Draper Carlson, who to my knowledge is the only person who reviews Archie comics regularly, has some reflections on Jughead #190 (spoiler alert: he eats a lot!).

And some news from across the pond: Artist and writer Garen Ewing e-mailed to alert me to The DFC, a children’s comic that will be launching in the UK on May 30. Ewing will be a contributor, and his comic The Rainbow Orchid has been picked up by UK publisher Egmont as well.

It’s not quite comics, but HarperCollins is producing a series of I Can Read books featuring Spider-Man.

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