Linkfest: NYCC edition

Kids and tweens [graphic novels] are due for a big explosion this year.

That’s what ICv2 publisher and comics maven Milton Greipp said yesterday at the ICv2 Graphic Novel Conference. I’m here in New York for the New York Comic-Con, and it seems like everyone is talking about how comics suddenly are going to be for kids again. I’ll be posting about the panels at the con as the weekend goes on. If you’re thinking about coming, check out Blog@Newsarama’s post on five things kids, teens, and parents can do at NYCC.

I loved the Harvey Comics line as a child—Richie Rich, Little Audrey, all the gang. So I’m interested to see that Dark Horse is publishing some collected versions. Marina Neira has a review of vol. 2 of Richie Rich and some news about a collection of the Harvey Girls comics.

At Manga Life, Park Cooper talks to teenage girls about why they like manga.

Reviews: At Comics-and-more, Dave Ferraro reviews Flight Explorer, which is one of those books everyone is talking about at the moment, probably with good reason. Johanna Draper Carlson reviews Veronica #187 at Comics Worth Reading. Andrew Wheeler of ComicMix has brief reviews of three kids’s titles, Gumby Collected #1, Sardine in Outer Space, and Little Vampire.

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