All Ages Comics ^^ 5/7/08

It’s another good variety of comics this week. I have to put in another word for Doctor Who. It really is a fantastic book. Oni Press has a good book too, Salt Water Taffy volume 1. Check out Katherine Dacey’s review of it here. One more book to point out before getting to the picks and list. This almost became a pick. Franklin Richards: Not So Secret Invasion. The Calvin and Hobbs look of the art combined with silly stories makes this a surprisingly good book for kids from Marvel. It’s worth a look.

Pals N Gals Double Digest #121, $3.69
Veronica #188, $2.25

Justice League Unlimited #45, $2.25
Looney Tunes #162, $2.25

Little Vampire GN**, $13.95

Doctor Who #4, $3.99
Tinyrannosaurus HC, $15.99 ^^Y7 Pick^^

Franklin Richards Not So Secret Invasion, $2.99
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #39, $2.99
Marvel Two-In-One #11, $4.99

Tales From The Crypt Collected Edition HC Vol 3 Zombielicious, $12.95

Salt Water Taffy GN Vol 1 Legend Of Old Salty, $5.95

Amelia Rules HC Vol 04 When the Past Is a Present, $24.95
Amelia Rules SC Vol 04 When the Past Is a Present, $11.99 ^^AA Pick^^

Hikaru No Go TP Vol 12, $7.95 ^^AA Pick^^
Prince Of Tennis GN Vol 25, $7.95
Whistle TP Vol 19, $7.99


Y7 Pick:
Tinyrannosaurus: This is a book from Worthwhile books, a collaboration between IDW Publishing and UK Meadowside Books. Written by Nick Ward, it’s a story about a little dinosaur who has to make up for his small size with a BIG attitude. It sounds very cute, and kids just love dinosaurs. If you’re into audio books, you can also get this story from the A Story For Bedtime Podcast here.

AA Picks:
Amelia Rules Vol 4 – I’ll always pick a softcover over a hardcover, being a budget-minded mom, but hardcovers have their advantages too. It just depends on how hard your kids are on their books. This is a kids strip about growing up. It’s narrated by it’s title character, Amelia McBride, as we watch her life; school, friends, family. It’s got comic books, superheroes and ninjas along with friendships and first loves. In this volume, Amelia is going to her first dance, but she may not be the only one with a date. Could Mom have a boyfriend? Then, she learns that her father may be going to a dangerous place because of his job with the military, and it starts her thinking about her past and what it means for the present. This looks like a really good series. Definitely check it out. And check out the Amelia Rules Blog and podcast!

Hikaru no Go Vol 12 – Hikaru is an ordinary middle school student until the day he finds a Go board haunted by the spirit of the Edo-era Fujiwara-no-Sai, a Go player trying to acheive the divine move. In his attempt to help Sai, Hikaru’s own ability to play and master Go is awakened. Volume 12 compiles the last of the chapters from the titles serialization in Shonen Jump magazine. Hikaru has passed the Pro exam, and Meji Toya, Akira’s father, asks to play Hikaru in the Shinshodan series, where new pros play against experienced ones. Hikaru no Go is one of those titles that can build a lot of tension and excitement with out throwing any punches. The battlefield is the game board, and every move is considered carefully and played as seriously as any battle. The mind is more important than physical ability. I think it is a great shame that this was taken out of Shonen Jump, as it was the only title that didn’t have any kind of battles in it.

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