All Ages Comics ^^ 5/14/08

This week it’s all for the classics. Classics Illustrated has been about for decades. My father would tell me he got through literature in High School because of this series should give you an idea how long the concept has been around. Don’t be afraid to introduce these to your kids. I had a digest version of Classics Illustrated of Sherlock Holmes in the 3rd grade and loved it! Papercutz has brought the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew into the 21st century. My mother and Aunt collected the blue cover editions of Nancy Drew, and I read my school’s library entire selection of them. It’s a great series to get your kids into.

Archie & Friends #119, $2.25
Betty & Veronica Digest #184, $2.49
Jugheads Double Digest #140, $3.69
Sonic The Hedgehog #188, $2.25

Big Brilliant Book Of Bart Simpson TP, $14.95

Lucky Luke TP Vol 10 Tortillas For The Daltons, $11.95
Papyrus GN Vol 2 Imhoteps Transformation, $11.95 ^^AA Pick^^

Classics Illustrated Black Beauty, $9.99
Classics Illustrated Swiss Family Robinson, $9.99
Classics Illustrated Treasure Island, $9.99
Classics Illustrated Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, $9.99

Cartoon Network Action Pack #25, $2.25
Legion Of Super Heroes In The 31st Century #14, $2.25
Mad Kids #11, $4.99
Mad Magazine #490, $4.99
Tiny Titans #4, $2.25 ^^Y7 Pick^^

Doctor Who Classics #6 (Joe Corroney/Dave Gibbons covers), $3.99

Iron Man And Power Pack TP Armored And Dangerous Digest, $7.99
Marvel Adventures Hulk #11, $2.99

Hardy Boys GN Vol 13 The Deadliest Stunt, $7.95
Nancy Drew HC Vol 13 Doggone Town, $12.95
Nancy Drew GN Vol 13 Doggone Town, $7.95 ^^AA Pick^^

Kingdom Hearts II GN Vol 02 (of 5), $9.99


Tiny Titans #4 – This further “kidified” version of the Teen Titans is made for young kids. It puts the Teen Titans in reach of kids as young as 4, with short stories that don’t require a lot of reading to understand, and jokes and games that little kids really like. This title makes a good “primer” to get little kids interested in comics, and possibly give them an early start on reading.

Papyrus Vol 2: Imhoteps Transformation – From British publisher Cinebook, Papyrus is an Egyptian peasant who befriends the Pharaoh’s daughter Theti-Cheri. Protected by a magic sword, he fights to protect his friends. In this volume, Papyrus and his friend Imhotep are on their way to Sakkarah when they rescue and old man from an alligator. When they arrive, they find the Pharaoh has been poisoned. Papyrus must find an antidote to save the Pharaoh! The art is reminiscent of the 50′s, similar to Dagwood. There’s plenty of action and adventure to draw in kids of all ages. With historically accurate protrayals of ancient Egyptian life, this story can teach as well as entertain, something that might get more kids interested in history and cultures.

Nancy Drew Vol 13: Doggone Town – Updating teen detective Nancy Drew to the 21st century, Papercutz has done a good job of retaining the fun of Nancy Drew mysteries as well as making her relevant to today’s kids. In his volume, Nancy and her boyfriend Ned attempt to return a lost dog to it’s own in another town, Nevershare, but everyone seems to have disappeared except one woman, who is less than helpful. Nancy must solve the mystery of the missing townspeople before she and Ned join them. The art in these books have a stylistic, anime-ish look to them. The volumes are short, only about 88 pages, and contain full mysteries broken up into 4 chapter/acts. Nancy’s update to the 21st century includes her driving a hybrid and carrying a cell phone. It’s a well done series for both fans of the original series and girls looking for a strong role model. Nancy is still a strong willed and smart mystery hound.

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