All Ages Comics ^^ 5/21/08

It’s the media edition of the Kids Comics list! Lots of tv tie-ins this week with Gargoyles, Scooby Doo, Simpsons, and Avatar. Movies are representing too! There are some books for the new Incredible Hulk movie, IDW has a prequal to Igor, coming this summer, and of course, Indiana Jones, no stranger to comics, returns with an adaptation of his newest movie. Another YA book series is getting mined for the graphic novel treatment, Pendragon, with the first book out this week, Merchant of Death. So there’s lots to fill any taste.

Gargoyles Bad Guys #3, $3.50 ^^ AA Pick ^^

Archie Digest #244, $2.49
Betty & Veronica Spectacular #83, $2.25

Simpsons Comics #142, $2.99

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull #1 (Drew Struzan Cover), $5.99
Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull #1 (Hugh Fleming Cover), $5.99
Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull TP, $12.95

Scooby Doo #132, $2.25
Super Friends #3, $2.25 ^^Y7 Pick^^
Swan Vol 13, $9.99 ^^ AA Pick ^^

Igor Movie Prequel #1 (Grant Bond/Igor covers), $3.99

Marvel Adventures Avengers #24, $2.99
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four TP Vol 08 Digest, $7.99
Marvel Adventures Two-In-One #11, $4.99
Ultimate Fantastic Four #54, $2.99

Good & Evil #2 (Abraham), $2.99

Hulk Rules SC, $3.99
Incredible Hulk Movie Novelization SC, $5.99
Incredible Hulk Sticker Book, $6.99
Marvel Heroes HC Hidden Enemy, $12.99
Marvel Heroes HC To The Rescue, $9.99
Pendragon GN Merchant Of Death, $9.99
Sozins Comet GN The Last Battle (Avatar), $5.99


Super Friends #3 – DC has really been working to reach out to the younger audience, and this is their newest addition to the Johnny DC line. It features the most well known of DC superheroes; Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, and Aqua Man. The characters have been “chibi-fied”, made into shorter, cuter versions of their original selves, and are in part based on a Mattel toyline of the same design. These books feature stories, activities and fun facts, much like the Tiny Titans series. In this issue, the Super Friends are being controlled by someone, and they must figure out who it is.

Gargoyles: Bad Guys #3 – In the comments of another picks list, a commenter mentioned Gargoyles as another good all ages series. This is a spinoff of that title. In the series, the main characters go on a “world tour” (as fans called it), and met different foes. This series brings several of those characters back as anti-heroes. They are no longer evil, but aren’t exactly what you would call good. These first issues are about bringing the different characters together to form the team. Even though these are characters originally seen in the TV series, the comics do a good job of explaining through flashbacks who they are and how they came to be in their current situations. In this issue, we learn more about Hunter, the defacto leader of the team, as she goes to try and reunited with her estranged brothers, former gargoyle hunters like herself.

Swan Volume 13 – This is an old school shojo manga, but all reports about the series point to it being just as appealing to boys despite it’s girliness. It’s about Masumi Hijiri’s dream to become a world famous ballerina. She has many obstacles and rivals to overcome to achieve her dream. In this volume, Masumi and her partner Leonhardt have won the silver medal in the World Ballet competition, and have been invited to dance in New York City. But, Masumi isn’t getting the modern dance they must perform there. She must figure it out or she might be replaced! Don’t let the older art or girlish subject keep you from this series. Like many of the sports manga, it’s so much about the ballet as it is about Masumi’s journey to become the best.

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