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The Thrill that Comes Once in a LifetimeH.T. Webster wasn’t a kids’ cartoonist, but some of his work captured moments that even the kids today can relate to. My father loved his work, and we had a big book of his cartoons in our house when I was growing up. Some of them I didn’t get at all (like, every cartoon about bridge), and some were dated, but the series The Thrill That Comes Once In A Lifetime and Life’s Darkest Moment really nailed the high and low points of childhood. This small sample is well worth checking out. (Via Journalista.)

Hey kids, first taste is just a quarter: A charity event inspires Thought Balloonists writer Craig Fischer to purge his collection, but he’s making it into a project, selling quality kid-friendly comics for a quarter. Check out his post for a discussion of his criteria and a peek at some of the comics he’ll be selling. He promises to follow up, and it will be interesting to see which comics appeal to the young folks of today.

GC4K contributor Lori Henderson’s daughter Jenny finds vol. 1 of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Adventure “hilarious,” and she explains why at Lori’s Manga Xanadu site.

Rob Clough looks at the upcoming batch of Toon Books comics at Sequart.

At Comics Worth Reading, Johanna Draper Carlson joins the chorus of positive reviews for the Classics Illustrated edition of Great Expectations.

Dave Ferraro enjoys vol. 1 of Salt Water Taffy at Comics-and-More.

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