All Ages Comics ^^ 6/11/08

It’s a small list this week, but with some interesting books to check out. You can really go old school with Disney Comics, and get a complete collection of Little Orphan Annie . These books are more on the expensive side, especially Annie, so I don’t think I’d let kids read these unsupervised. I’ve seen what kids can do to books, and it isn’t pretty. Innovative Kids has some new books out from their Phonics Comics line, that are leveled for readers, and entertain as well as teach.

Archie & Friends #120, $2.25
Pals N Gals Double Digest #122, $3.69
Sonic The Hedgehog #189, $2.25

Clifton TP Vol 05 Jade, $11.95

Cartoon Network Action Pack #26, $2.25
Legion Of Super Heroes In The 31st Century #15, $2.25
Tiny Titans #5, $2.25

Uncle Scrooge #376, $7.99
Walt Disneys Comics & Stories #691, $7.99
Walt Disneys Spring Fever TP Vol 02, $9.50

Complete Little Orphan Annie HC Vol 01, $39.99

Phonics Comics Level 1 Fix It Crew, $3.99
Phonics Comics Level 2 Tutu Twins, $3.99
Phonics Comics Level 3 Duke And Fang, $3.99

Marvel Adventures Hulk #12, $2.99
Marvel Illustrated Three Musketeers #1 (of 6), $3.99 ^^AA Pick^^
Spider-Man Magazine #1, $6.99

Avatar Cinemanga GN Vol 07 (of 8), $7.99
Manga School With Selena Lin Draw Your Own Manga TP, $14.99 ^^AA Pick^^


Marvel Illustrated: Three Musketeers #1 – In an attempt to expand to other audiences, Marvel has started adapting novels to comics. This line is for classic novels. Adapting the classic The Three Musketeers , Marvel is bringing these stories to kids in a way they can relate to. Serialized over several issues, these Illustrateds give a more indepth story than the Classics Illustrated series, and the titles are appropriately age rated. This is another good way to introduce kids to stories they would otherwise turn their nose up at.

Manga School with Selena Lin: Draw Your Own Manga – This is not really a comic, but with the arts disappearing from classrooms all over the country, I’m all for things that will help encourage a child’s creative side. This book is by Global Manga artist Selena Lin, in which she presents several easy to follow lessons on how to create a manga, including what tools to buy, photoshop and money saving tips. Even if your child isn’t going to be the next great manga artist, it’s a good experience for them to try something new and/or different.

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